South Valley Science and Engineering Fair

While arrangements are in process, the upcoming SVSEF will be held in February, 2020.

SVSEF is pleased to announce our 2019 science and engineering fair winners:

Award Recipients

Special Awards:
David Fritts Memorial Innovation Award: Melina Kai Kwarcinski, Martin Murphy Middle School, 8th grade, “The Two Piece One-Piece”

Frank Crosby Memorial Teacher Award: Eileen Resnick, Martin Murphy Middle School

Category Awards, Middle School:

Behavioral Science:
First: Rachel Fox, Martin Murphy Middle School, 7th grade, “Does Electronic Usage Before Bed Affect Sleep?”

Second: Francisco Flores and Alegria Serrano, 8th grade, Britton Middle School, “Neurology”

Third: Cadence Murcray, Oakwood School, 8th grade, “Power of Suggestion”

First: Ella King and Aiden Lopez, Morgan Hill Charter School, 6th grade, “Comparison Between Bacteria and Yeast of Home Grown and Store Bought Kombuchast”

Second: Julie Obuchi, Oakwood School, 8th grade, “How Does Eucalyptus Oil Affect Plants?”

Third: Ben Hayes, Britton Middle School, 8th grade, “Creek Stew”

First: Rohan Wilmot, Oakwood School, 6th grade, “The Effects of Various Substances on the Rate of Evaporation of Water”
Second: Jillian Bogosian, Oakwood School, 8th grade, “How Yeast Makes a Difference”
Third: Sascha Manalili, Oakwood School, 8th grade, “Determining Which Common Drinking Water is Most Beneficial to your Health Based on pH Level”

Engineering/Math/Computer Science:
First: Ria Deshpande and Lexxa D’Amico, Britton Middle School, 8th grade, “Hands Free Device”

Second: Sebastian Buergi, Oakwood School, 8th grade, “AI for 21 Matches Game”

Third: Andrew Nguyen, Martin Murphy Middle School, 7th grade, “EAP Prosthetic Hand”

First: Reese Byers, Britton Middle School, 8th grade, “French Fire”

Second: Ashlee Fiorito, Oakwood School, 8th grade, “What’s Dragging You Down?”

Category Awards, High School:

Behavioral Science:
First: Lili Jaquet, Oakwood School, 10th grade, “Working Harder is Sometimes Smarter- The Effect of Font Style on Memory”

Second: Alie Fuller, Oakwood School, 10th grade, “Investigating the Vacancy Valley, Does it Exist?”

First: Nikhita Gopisetty, Oakwood School, 12th grade, “Effects of SOX9 on Beta Cell Function”

Second: Eshika Jain, Oakwood School, 11th grade, “Eco-Friendly Plastic Disposal”

Third: Kate Marcotullio, Oakwood School, 10th grade, “Effects of Music on Heart Rate”

First: Danya Balagopol, Oakwood School, 9th grade, “Effects of Biocoagulants on the Absorption of Waste Oil and Reduction of Turbidity from Oil-Produced Waters”

Second: Lydia Sattler, Oakwood School, 10th grade, “A Comparative Analysis of South Bay Drinking Water”

Third (Tie): Shria Bulusu, Oakwood School, 11th grade, “The Effects of UV Light on Yeast Colony Growth;” Kate Jackson, Oakwood School, 10th grade, “The Effect of Limestone on Fluoride Concentration in Water”

Engineering/Math/Computer Science:
First: Robert Walker, Oakwood School, 11th grade, “Run Times for Maze Solving”

Second: Nolan Kornelson, Oakwood School, 11th grade, “Measuring Encryption Speed Based on Word Size”

Third: Renee Bostak, Oakwood School, 12th grade, “Mobile Heart Rate Sensor”

First: Madina Turaeva, Oakwood School, 10th grade, “Absorption of Light Energy by Different Colors”

Second: Annie Rickard, Oakwood School, 11th grade, “The Effect of Shape on Fluid Dynamics”

Third: Chandler Buciak, Oakwood School, 11th grade, “Cell Phone Radiation: While using a cell phone, which activities expose you to more radiation?”


To provide a safe, inclusive, juried science and engineering fair for local 6th-12th grade students

1. To increase local middle and high school aged children’s science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) literacy, communication skills, and innovative thinking abilities,
2. To give these students practice with the scientific method using real world problems of their own choosing, and
3. To provide the support for our local students to compete successfully at advanced STEM competitions


January 16-17, 2019 at the Britton Middle School Main Gym, 80 W. Central Avenue, Morgan Hill, CA, 95037

Check-In and Fair Day Schedule: 

January 16

Project boards drop off: 4-7 PM 

January 17

Student entry: 3:00-3:30 PM

Judging: 3:30-6:30 PM
Family/public entry: 6:30-7:00 PM

Awards ceremony: 7:00-7:45 PM

Project take down: 7:45-8:30 PM


Fair and awards ceremony January 17, 2020 

Fair Check in January 16, 2019

Final Deadline for Project Applications: December 20, 2018
No projects will be accepted after 12/20/18

Early Deadline for Project Applications: November 1, 2018

Resources/Facility Tours: October 3 & 21, 2018, at Anaerobe Systems

2018 Clinics: Statistics (September 4), Science (September 11), Teacher* (September 19), and Engineering (September 26), at the
Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center, Madrone Room, 7:00-8:30 PM
*Interactive -Teachers, please bring your laptop or other digital devices


Registration is Closed for 2018

Early Deadline for Project Applications: November 1, 2018
Final Deadline for Project Applications: December 20, 2018
No projects will be accepted after 12/20/18

ALL SVSEF projects require Safety/Science review (SRC) prior to project start; see FAQs on “About” tab and “Fair Guidelines” for details; contact for questions