SVSEF thanks the Morgan Hill Photography Club and Morgan Hill Life for fair day photography.

SVSEF is pleased to announce our 2019 science and engineering fair winners:

Award Recipients

Special Awards:
David Fritts Memorial Innovation Award: Melina Kai Kwarcinski, Martin Murphy Middle School, 8th grade, “The Two Piece One-Piece”

Frank Crosby Memorial Teacher Award: Eileen Resnick, Martin Murphy Middle School

Category Awards, Middle School:

Behavioral Science:
First: Rachel Fox, Martin Murphy Middle School, 7th grade, “Does Electronic Usage Before Bed Affect Sleep?”

Second: Francisco Flores and Alegria Serrano, 8th grade, Britton Middle School, “Neurology”

Third: Cadence Murcray, Oakwood School, 8th grade, “Power of Suggestion”

First: Ella King and Aiden Lopez, Morgan Hill Charter School, 6th grade, “Comparison Between Bacteria and Yeast of Home Grown and Store Bought Kombuchast”

Second: Julie Obuchi, Oakwood School, 8th grade, “How Does Eucalyptus Oil Affect Plants?”

Third: Ben Hayes, Britton Middle School, 8th grade, “Creek Stew”

First: Rohan Wilmot, Oakwood School, 6th grade, “The Effects of Various Substances on the Rate of Evaporation of Water”
Second: Jillian Bogosian, Oakwood School, 8th grade, “How Yeast Makes a Difference”
Third: Sascha Manalili, Oakwood School, 8th grade, “Determining Which Common Drinking Water is Most Beneficial to your Health Based on pH Level”

Engineering/Math/Computer Science:
First: Ria Deshpande and Lexxa D’Amico, Britton Middle School, 8th grade, “Hands Free Device”

Second: Sebastian Buergi, Oakwood School, 8th grade, “AI for 21 Matches Game”

Third: Andrew Nguyen, Martin Murphy Middle School, 7th grade, “EAP Prosthetic Hand”

First: Reese Byers, Britton Middle School, 8th grade, “French Fire”

Second: Ashlee Fiorito, Oakwood School, 8th grade, “What’s Dragging You Down?”

Category Awards, High School:

Behavioral Science:
First: Lili Jaquet, Oakwood School, 10th grade, “Working Harder is Sometimes Smarter- The Effect of Font Style on Memory”

Second: Alie Fuller, Oakwood School, 10th grade, “Investigating the Vacancy Valley, Does it Exist?”

First: Nikhita Gopisetty, Oakwood School, 12th grade, “Effects of SOX9 on Beta Cell Function”

Second: Eshika Jain, Oakwood School, 11th grade, “Eco-Friendly Plastic Disposal”

Third: Kate Marcotullio, Oakwood School, 10th grade, “Effects of Music on Heart Rate”

First: Danya Balagopol, Oakwood School, 9th grade, “Effects of Biocoagulants on the Absorption of Waste Oil and Reduction of Turbidity from Oil-Produced Waters”

Second: Lydia Sattler, Oakwood School, 10th grade, “A Comparative Analysis of South Bay Drinking Water”

Third (Tie): Shria Bulusu, Oakwood School, 11th grade, “The Effects of UV Light on Yeast Colony Growth;” Kate Jackson, Oakwood School, 10th grade, “The Effect of Limestone on Fluoride Concentration in Water”

Engineering/Math/Computer Science:
First: Robert Walker, Oakwood School, 11th grade, “Run Times for Maze Solving”

Second: Nolan Kornelson, Oakwood School, 11th grade, “Measuring Encryption Speed Based on Word Size”

Third: Renee Bostak, Oakwood School, 12th grade, “Mobile Heart Rate Sensor”

First: Madina Turaeva, Oakwood School, 10th grade, “Absorption of Light Energy by Different Colors”

Second: Annie Rickard, Oakwood School, 11th grade, “The Effect of Shape on Fluid Dynamics”

Third: Chandler Buciak, Oakwood School, 11th grade, “Cell Phone Radiation: While using a cell phone, which activities expose you to more radiation?”